Berkshire Spine is a regional service that offers treatment to people with problems with their back from their head to tail. Our surgeon has had over 15 years of experience in treating people with back problems and works closely with physiotherapists and pain specialists to ensure that you get the best treatment for the problem that you have

Our treatments are tailored to what your needs are. Not everyone needs to have an operation and can often be managed with treatments that are not invasive. Our specialist will see and assess you and ensure that he is able to understand what the problem is and explain this to you. Following discussions you should have a plan for you to improve and treat the problem that you have.

Our specialist is skilled in a range of spinal treatments including minimally invasive procedures and can treat problems of trapped nerves, disc problems, trauma, worn joints, instability and sport related problems. He will be happy to discuss these in detail with you as we think it is important that you are always fully informed of your treatment and what other treatments are possible. We look forward to helping you.