What is the cause of my weakness?

Weakness can be caused by so many things. In order for you to have normal strength the nerves to a muscle, the muscle and the joint or limb that is being moved all have to be normal.
  • A loss of sensation or change in your ability to move your bowels or empty your bladder
  • Any significant arm or leg pains, weakness  and pins and needles
  • Feeling unwell with a raised temperature
  • Pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night persistently
  • Noticeable weight loss suggesting poor general health
  • A significant injury with a sudden onset of the problem
  • A change in your walking with unsteadiness

If you have any of the above red flag features you must seek a doctors opinion. 

If your weakness is due to a trapped nerve you may have noticed some other features. For example you may have had some proceeding neck or back pain. The weakness may be associated with significant pain in the leg or arm and also with pins and needles and numbness. Some people experience sharp pain which settles and only then do they realise that there is a weakness left in the leg after the pain has gone. If you notice persistent or increasing weakness it is important to seek medical advice.