How would you rate the outcome of your surgery? 

  • Best I could expect.  Back at tennis, climbing and distance swimming after a few months. Surfing within  8 months. Back less supple but not bad for 67yrs
  • I rate the outcome of my surgery as a success. Before my surgery I could barely do anything as I could not spend more than 30 minutes on my feet. I did not want to go anywhere, or do anything. Now I am back to living my life in full as I can spend as long as I want on my feet again.
  • I would 100% rate the outcome of my surgery - I no longer have pain in my leg or numbness. After a short recovery following surgery I have been able to get back to all activities
  • Overall very good.  I’m pleased with the result because it’s given me a better quality of life.  Before the surgery I was bent double and couldn’t stand up and walk without pain.  This was causing strain on my neck which began to ache.  After the surgery I’m able to walk upright which was the main aim of the operation.
  • First class. It achieved all that I could have wished for. No unfortunate errors or negative outcomes. The pain in my left leg has completely gone. I am able to walk  long distances (up to 15 km) and have resumed playing tennis.
  • I'd give it a 9/10, the surgery was an absolute must requirement as without it I would have continued to suffer from the persisting pain which I would wake up from suddenly when it would strike in the middle of the night and not dissipate for hours & therefore getting no sleep. The reason as not 10/10 is due to about once a month or two I can still experience a mild recurrence of a slight numbing left arm which was relatable to the days pre-op, but it lasts about 20-30 mins and isn’t severe but just more a subtle linger of very mild nerve tweak of sorts.
  • I would say 95% success. I sometimes feel a 'strain' when bending down or after a game of golf, but that goes within hours and really is easily managed. I am happy that I can enjoy my 2 games of golf a week and have even been winning recently!


What did you wish you had been told before the surgery that you were not?

  • I was well informed about how it all worked and had every confidence in spite of the scary consent process and reading "Do no harm" a couple of years previously.
  • I don’t think there was anything that I wasn’t told about prior to surgery. I know when I initially met with you for a consultation I was anti have surgery however you were completely transparent with me and it was certainly the best decision going forward.


What do you think was the most important thing you were told about your surgery?

  • I do not believe there was anything else that I could or should have been told before the surgery. You were very clear about what would happen and the potential outcomes.
  • All surgery carries risk but serious problems are unlikely 


What one thing helped your recovery the most?

  • I have recommended you to people as I had seen a consultant prior to seeing you who I didn’t feel took the time to really understand my situation. You did - we were coming out of lockdown and I had a young toddler to look after. I am forever grateful that I saw you and I knew straight away you would be superb! After months of sleepless nights and constant pain it really took a toll on my health - when the spinal block (I had with another consultant) didn’t work I was desperate just to have my life back. Back pain and sciatica are debilitating and thankfully you corrected this for me and I will always be grateful. I was a self funding patient and would recommend you to anyone.